The Centre for Academic Services
The Centre for Academic Services was established primarily to support quality education and disseminate newfound knowledge to the public, to strengthen the community, and to contribute to the social and economic development of the country. The Centre's main mission is to organize academic activities, such as conferences and training programs, to seek external customers in order to bring in revenue, and to provide academic and research services to external organizations.

Information Technology Services
The Centre for Information Technology Services at Mae Fah Luang University provides computing facilities and integrated institution methods for the use of IT in degree programs. Computer sites are located around the campus and offer access to a range of networked software packages, database systems, internet accessibility, teleconference systems, and computer-aided learning materials. These facilities are linked to printers, plotters, and scanners, and are designed to meet the needs of each school, including language laboratories. Moreover, the Local Area Networks (LAN), which spans the campus and provides access to other worldwide networks, is an excellent way to gain information from around the world. All educational areas have a wireless capability.

The Learning Resources and Educational Media Centre
The Learning Resources and Educational Media Centre provides information for instructors, students, researchers and the general public in the form of publications and electronic books. There are more than150,000 books, over 700 periodicals and 30 online databases pertaining to a number of subjects. The Learning Resources and Educational Media Centre also utilizes IT in its management and service. Students and other patrons have access to a self check-out machine, library automation system, Internet, wireless zones and multimedia zones.

The Living and Learning Support Centre
The Living and Learning Support Centre provides support and assistance for the students' personal development and gives advice to aid them in developing their study skills, such as reading techniques, memorization strategies, time management tips, and assistance with report presentation. The Centre also provides psychological consultation to any students who are having difficulty in their study, their personal, or social life. A student can always come in to talk with the staff and the counseling psychologist, who are always willing to help them.

Scientific and Technological Instruments Centre
The Scientific and Technological Instruments Centre provides service and support for science and technology activities, including teaching, training, research, testing and calibration service. In addition, all laboratories are well equipped with modern and sophisticated instruments.

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