MFU became Thailand's fastest growing post-secondary institution with an enrollment close to 15,000 students. MFU has already celebrated its 18th year anniversary and has become well known for its high-quality teaching, research, and service to the people of the northern part of Thailand, as well as GMS. International students around the world can also study at MFU and have an opportunity to explore the amazing Thai culture as they strive to attain the skills and tools they need to navigate the world and its challenges.
with Myanmar and Laos. MFU’s campus consists of a large complex of modern, state-of-the-art buildings, spanning more than 800 hectares. The campus is located in a spectacular setting of mountains and trees, an environment conducive to teaching and learning. Thus, being clean and inviting for the learners. MFU provides high-quality education services and resources for the neighboring countries of the Greater Mekhong Sub-region (GMS), and reaches out to all of Southeast Asia both at a regional and national level.
We have two campuses for the students; one campus is located in Chiang Rai, in the northernmost part of Thailand while the other is located Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. The campus in Bangkok is only for the school of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine. The School offers Masters and Doctorate courses in Dermatology, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.
MFU was established as an autonomous public University, under the Royal Charter, in 1998, with generous support from the Royal Thai Government.

MFU uses the term “School” to refer to college or faculty. There are 14 schools at MFU which are separated into 3 clusters that include:

  • Science and Technology Cluster that consists of; School of Argo-industry, School of Cosmetic Science, School of information Technology and School of science.
  • Health Science Cluster that consists of; School of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine, School of Health Science, School of Dentistry, School of Medicine and School of Nursing.
  • Social Science and Humanities Cluster that consists of; School of Liberal Arts, School of Law, School of Management, School of Sinology and School of Social Innovation.
First semester opens in mid-August and for the second semester, classes will commence as early as January. Kindly check our official website for the most recent news, information and upcoming activities/events.
At MFU, we provide a wide range of facilities to students that include; MFU Hospital, Computer Laboratory, Auditorium and Conference hall, MFU Book Center, Food Court, Indoor Stadium and Sport Center, Outdoor Track & Field Stadium, Fitness Park, Post Office, Banks, EVT (Electric Vehicular transport) vehicles and Wi-Fi.
Students on educational visas in Thailand are not permitted to work under any circumstances. However, internships are available with many co-operating companies, organizations and public sectors. Internship programme is provided in accordance to the study plan.
As a public autonomous University, MFU is committed towards hiring competent lecturers and staff who understands and acknowledges the University’s professional philosophy into the various faculties. The staff should be able to propel one’s knowledge and ideas towards attaining both its short term and long term Goals and Objectives. Applicants can fill application forms and submit them to the university in person at the Personnel Division located at 3rd Floor of Administrative Office (AD2) or mail by post. Application forms can be downloaded from the MFU official website; (http://intranet.mfu.ac.th/system/mfunews/prnews03.php?newsid=10433). In the Job employment section of Visitor, full information on Vacant Positions and Required Degrees and Specific Qualifications is provided.

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